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ISSN Online: 2247 - 9376
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Author Guidelines

Each article will be elaborated both in English and Romanian, accompanied by an abstract (of maximum 10 lines) and a maximum of 8 key-words; the authors of the materials that are proposed for publication are asked to take into account all the recommendations written below:
* Articles and studies must have between 4 and 30 pages;
* The text of the paper will be accompanied by an abstract of maximum 10 lines, written in English;
* The manuscripts that are sent to be published at the EUROMENTOR JOURNAL will be written using the following form:
- Microsoft Word: - margins: Top 2, 2 cm; Left 1, 8 cm; Bottom 2, 2 cm; Right 1, 8 cm
- Font type: Book Antique

- Font size:
* The title of the article must be written with size 14, Bold, with a space line,
* The name of the author must be written with size 12, Bold
* The name of the institution must be written with size 12, Bold
* Two rows below the institution, the abstract must be written with size 11 Italic, and one row below the abstract, the key-words;
* Two rows below the abstract, the text must be written with size 12, normal font;

- Foot-notes will be written with size 10
- The bibliography will be at the end of the paper, in alphabetical order. For each book it is necessary to be mentioned, in order, the author/authors, year of publication, the title, place, volume, page/pages of the paper of reference.

Article Model for COGITO magazine - download here

1. The author assumes all responsibility for the ideas expressed in the material published.
2. The authors have the obligation to respect all rules concerning the law governing copyright.
3. All texts are reviewed by two experts. The double-blind peer review
process is expected to take 2-3 months or more in some cases. The
editors may ask for revision and may require reformatting of accepted
4. The journal is open access
5. The author can't publish the article in multiple journals
6. The copyrights for the article are transferred to the journal and can be used by other parties accordingly to the Creative Commons License displayed








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